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Top Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

A Newport Beach divorce attorney can assist you in exploring different options for how your divorce will proceed. One of the options which is available to you is collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce focuses on cooperation and can be a better choice for some, but not all, couples. Determining if a collaborative divorce could work for you will set you on the right path to dissolving your marriage in the best way possible. Newport Beach divorce attorney

Brown & Charbonneau, LLP can provide comprehensive assistance with collaborative divorce as well as with other approaches to end your marriage, including mediation and litigation. To learn more about the comprehensive assistance provided by a Newport Beach divorce attorney, give us a call today.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

A collaborative divorce is a divorce wherein couples agree to work together to dissolve their marriage. Instead of fighting and litigating, couples talk, compromise, and come together to create a plan to address custody, support, division or property, and other relevant issues.

Couples who decide a collaborative divorce is right for them will ned to find a Newport Bach divorce attorney who has experience with collaborative divorce. An attorney who understands this process can help couples to find ways to compromise and can assist clients in understanding their rights during divorce under California law. The couple will typically also work with a collaborative divorce coach who can guide the process, facilitate communication, and keep the spouses on track towards reaching a resolution.

What are the Top Benefits of Collaborative Divorce?

Family Circle discusses some of the top benefits associated with collaborative divorce. These include:

  • Reduced costs: Collaborative divorce can be far less costly than a litigated divorce. If you have to go to court to resolve issues in your divorce, you will end up spending a lot of money on legal fees, court costs, and expert witnesses. When you are able to work together and come to an agreement, the divorce process is considerably less expensive. This means both parties end up better off.
  • Less bitterness: In a litigated divorce, spouses are inherently pitted against each other in a zero sum game. If one spouse “wins,” the other spouse loses. It does not have to be this way, and should not be this way. You want to be able to continue to maintain civility, especially if you have shared children and will be trying to co-parent after the divorce. If you collaborate, work together, and find a solution to the issues of your divorce that you both agree with, neither spouse is likely to be as bitter or angry at the end of the process.
  • Faster results: Litigating the issues in your divorce can take a long time. Not only do you need to wait for a court date but you also need to take the time to go through an entire hearing in which each spouse has the opportunity to present evidence. Your divorce can take a very long time under these circumstances, which means more stress and more money. If you collaborate and come to a consensus, you can avoid this lengthy and difficult process.
  • A customized solution: When you decide to end your marriage through a collaborative process, you can think about the divorce settlement agreement which will actually work for your family. You and your spouse have the best knowledge about what parenting time arrangement makes sense and about who should keep which community property. This means you can create a plan that leaves everyone better off, that takes everyone’s needs into account, and that actually works for you both. You aren’t forced to just live with what a judge decides for you.

If you make a commitment to collaborative divorce, a Newport Beach divorce attorney can help you to make the process a success so you can achieve these benefits.

How a Newport Beach Divorce Attorney Can Help

A Newport Beach divorce attorney will work with you to determine of collaborative divorce is likely to be a viable option in your situation so you can take advantage of the benefits that this method of dissolution provides. Brown & Charbonneau, LLP will also guide you through every step of a collaborative divorce. We can help you to keep your emotions out of the process, to ensure you are working towards the best possible compromises, and to protect your legal rights during the divorce process.

To find out more about collaborative divorce and the ways in which we can assist you, give us a call today at (866)237-8129 or contact us online.