Irvine Business And Corporate Law

Brown & Charbonneau, LLP is comprised of award-winning business and corporate attorneys. Our extensive experience working with companies of all sizes spans more than 30 years. Based in Orange County, California, our business litigation attorneys have secured countless favorable outcomes for plaintiffs and defendants. We are also happy to provide general business counsel services to companies from all industries.

Brown & Charbonneau’s team of strategic, creative, dedicated, and experienced business litigators can help you to resolve issues within your corporation including, but not limited to:

Business Litigation Successes

Helmed by Certified Specialist in Civil Trial Advocacy, Gregory Brown, our Irvine-based team of business litigators have secured headline-grabbing juries and verdicts. Recent victories for business owners include:

  • $12 Million Defense Ruling—Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Fraud Claim
  • $4.8 Million Plaintiff Ruling-Contract Dispute
  • $30 Million Defense Verdict-Breach of Contract and Fraud Claim
  • $2.9 Million Plaintiff Verdict-Breach of Contract and Fraud Claim
  • $2.5 Million Plaintiff Settlement-Breach of Contract and Fraud Claim
  • $3.4 Million Defense Verdict-Breach of Contract and Warranty Claim

Legal Help for Business Disputes in SoCal

Disputes arising between business partners, shareholders, and between employer and employee should be addressed as soon as possible. Many potential lawsuits can be avoided with early intervention. If you’ve reached an impasse with a competitor, partner, or board member, or have been accused of breaching a contract or fiduciary duty, contact us today by calling 714.505.3000. You may also contact our team of award-winning Irvine business attorneys online.