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Employment Contract Disputes Lawyer in Orange County, California

Disputes between employers and employees can be costly and laden with risk. Failure to protect your interests in an employment dispute can expose you to financial loss and unnecessary liability. At Brown & Charbonneau, LLP, we have extensive experience handling employment disputes and related matters. We have been name as one of the top five (5) business lawyers in Orange County by OC Register Metro.  We are an experienced litigation firm with a strong business background.

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Employment Dispute Solutions

Our business and corporate litigation experience and broad perspective on employment law issues allow us to represent both employers and employees in employment disputes. If you are an employee who feels your rights have been violated in the workplace, we know your rights and are prepared to defend them.  If you own a business and are facing a lawsuit from a former or current employee, we are able to provide you with strong legal advocacy.  Understanding both sides of the dispute provides us with a unique ability to get our clients the best results.

We handle a wide range of employment disputes for businesses and individuals throughout the Irvine, California, area, including those involving:

We understand the importance of helping you resolve your dispute in a time-sensitive, cost-effective manner. Our employment dispute attorneys will work with you closely to ascertain your needs and chart a course of action that suits your legal objectives. As former and current business owners, we understand the real world implications of employment disputes. We will do everything in our power to help you achieve a favorable outcome.

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