Civil litigation makes it possible for a private individual or company to use the court system to protect their interests. Many different types of cases fall under the category of civil litigation including breach of contract claims, personal injury cases, molestation and sexual abuse, employment and labor disputes, construction and real estate disputes, business disputes, trade secret and unfair competition, and shareholder derivative actions.

Individuals and organizations may become involved in civil litigation if they are served with a summons indicating someone has taken legal action against them. People and companies can also initiate civil litigation and use the court system to right a wrong or protect an interest. Whether as a plaintiff or as a defendant, it is essential you understand how the civil court system works and that you navigate the rules of civil procedure effectively.

Brown & Charbonneau, LLP is here to help. Our firm specializes in civil litigation and we offer the services of a certified trial specialist with extensive courtroom experience. Call today to learn more about how our Irvine civil litigation lawyers can help you.

A Trial Specialist Can Represent You in Civil Litigation

The majority of cases are settled outside of court through negotiations, so many attorneys do not have practical trial experience. To get the very best in legal representation, you need to be represented by a lawyer with a history of successes in the courtroom. Presenting evidence to a jury, understanding court rules and making a compelling case are specialized skills and the outcome of your case can depend in part upon whether your lawyer is an effective advocate.

At Brown & Charbonneau, LLP, you will be represented by a Board Certified Trial Specialist. This means that your lawyer has demonstrated the necessary written and oral advocacy skills, knowledge of courtroom procedure, ethics, and legal acumen to be a successful litigator.   Your case is too important to put in the hands of someone who does not have proven trial experience.

Courtroom Technologies

The role of your attorney is to help ensure evidence is presented to a jury in the most compelling way possible. Today, technology plays a vital role in presenting a civil case. Our Irvine civil litigation lawyers routinely employ state-of-the-art technology in court. This may include taped depositions; computer-generated animations, and sophisticated technological presentations.

The strategic use of visually-persuasive media makes it possible to connect with jury members on a human level so the jury can better understand your point of view. The mastery of courtroom technology is so important that other law firms routinely request that Brown & Charbonneau, LLP handle their trial work so their clients can benefit from our specialized skills.

Getting Help from a Civil Litigation Professional

A certified trial lawyer has courtroom skills that many other attorneys lack; however, you do not necessarily have to go to court to resolve every claim.

Preparing a compelling claim can make the other parties to the litigation much more likely to agree to a favorable negotiated settlement. This means you may achieve your desired outcome without the stress of a trial. Our attorneys will work to understand your goals and priorities. Depending upon what is best in your situation, we will focus on building a strong argument for settlement or on giving you your day in court.

At Brown & Charbonneau, LLP, our experienced litigators will be with you at every step of a civil case. From determining which laws apply and which court to hear your case to managing an investigation and making compelling arguments, we will do whatever we can do to help ensure you prevail. To learn more or for help using civil litigation to protect your rights, call or contact us online today.