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How To Expunge a Lis Pendens in California

How To Expunge a Lis Pendens in California When a lawsuit is filed that may involve real property, sometimes a party can record a notice of pendency of action or a“lis pendens” against the affected real property. A lis pendens is a recorded document giving third-parties notice that a lawsuit been filed that may affect […]


Court Creates an Equitable Remedy Short of an Injunction for Permanent Trespass to Plaintiffs’ Land.

From CLA Defendant bought 677 acres of land in 2012, for the purpose of developing a walnut orchard. Plaintiffs own a 210-acre property adjacent to defendant’s property. Plaintiffs sued in 2014, alleging that defendant, who had proceeded to develop and irrigate a walnut orchard, was trespassing on 3.44 acres of plaintiffs’ property. Plaintiffs further alleged […]