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Fraud, concealment and related claims are complex and highly emotional.  It takes knowledgeable and skilled lawyers to navigate this high exposure area.  Brown & Charbonneau, LLP’s lawyers have extensive experience with these cases, including numerous trial wins under their belt!  This includes handling the complex related to claims for punitive damages.Fraud & Concealment

Business owners and officers have a fiduciary duty to shareholders to consider the best interests of the business when making decisions.  Unfortunately, this does not always occur.  Fraud, misrepresentation, concealment can undermine the value of an investment and destroy the long-term survival of a business enterprise.  This wrongful conduct is frequently seen in the sale of a business.

Fraud and misrepresentation can also occur in real estate and construction transactions or whenever a contract between two parties is negotiated and signed.  In many cases, the claims include alter ego liability as well.  Whatever the circumstances, fraudulent behavior is never acceptable. It is not only a crime, but is also a civil wrong and those who are affected should consult with an attorney and file a lawsuit to recover monetary damages.

Another aspect is the “fraudulent transfer” where debtors attempt to hide assets from their creditors.  For a complete description of fraudulent transfers, click here.

Brown & Charbonneau, LLP is an experienced Irvine, CA business law firm with extensive experience representing clients when fraud, misrepresentation or concealment has occurred.  We have successfully handled numerous fraud claims to jury verdict.  With 75 years of collective experience, we are uniquely equipped to help clients develop the best legal strategies in these complex cases. Call today to learn more about how we can help.

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Fraud, Misrepresentation & Concealment

The California Civil Jury Instructions provide information to juries on how to make decisions in cases arising from allegations of fraud or deceit.  Definitions are provided to juries on the meaning of intentional misrepresentation, concealment, false promises and negligent misrepresentation, among other wrongful conduct.

When your case goes to trial, the plaintiff must prove all of the elements of a claimed wrong.  For concealment, for example, a plaintiff must prove that he or she was harmed because the defendant concealed information. To make a successful claim, the plaintiff must prove:

  • Defendant makes a material false statement to you (or conceals information)
  • That they know the statement is false and intent to cause you to act
  • You rely upon the false material statement or concealment
  • Your reliance was reasonable
  • Your reliance on the false statement or concealment caused you harm or damage

If someone (or a business) is found liable for fraud, the plaintiff can recover all damages caused by the fraud.  The jury may also assess punitive damages in addition to actual damages to punish the defendant.Fraud & Concealment

Brown & Charbonneau, LLP is here to help. Our attorneys will carefully review your situation and help to determine if fraud or concealment has occurred under California law.  We can conduct comprehensive investigations, find expert witnesses who will testify on your behalf, and put together the strongest possible case.

Getting Legal Help

Cases involving fraud, misrepresentation and concealment can be challenging as the defendant has often intentionally obscured the wrongdoing that occurred.  Our experienced litigators are prepared to fight for your right to compensation in trial after fraud, misrepresentation & concealment has occurred. We can assist in seeking both equitable and monetary remedies. We can also work to arrive at a negotiated settlement or present your case to an arbitrator if you wish to avoid a trial.  Call us or contact us online today to speak with a business law professional who can assist you. 714-505-3000