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FDA Extends Deadlines for E Cig, E Liquid & ENDS Compliance

FDA Extends E Cig Regulations Deadlines

The FDA has extended the deadlines for compliance of the new deeming regulations for e cigarettes, e liquid and ENDS products!  The have announced a 3 month extension of certain tobacco product compliance deadlines.  Manufacturers now have  additional time to comply with new CTP provisions such as:

  • Submission of cigar rotational warning plans
  • Registration and listing
  • Ingredient listing
  • Health documents
  • Substantial Equivalence (SE) exemption requests
  • Substantial Equivalence (SE) applications
  • Premarket tobacco product applications (PMTAs)
  • Harmful and potentially harmful constituent (HPHC) reports
  • Establishment Registrations for Newly Deemed Tobacco Products

These extensions apply to all categories of newly regulated products, including ENDS, hookah, pipe tobacco, and cigars, as well as the addictiveness warning requirement for RYO and cigarette tobacco.

Electronic Cigarettes, Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems and E-Liquids

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