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E-Cigarettes And The Values Behind The Evidence

E Cig Industry Challenges FDA's New "Deeming Regulations" of the industry.

Evidence Supports E Cigarettes & E Liquids

It is becoming increasingly difficult to make the case against e-cigarettes on the basis of scientific evidence. A second Cochrane Review—the gold standard when it comes to assessing the state of the evidence on hot topics from salt to fat to smoking—has concluded that these nicotine-delivering devices that involve no combustion may help smokers quit without serious health consequences. The review concluded that of all 24 studies included, not a single one reported serious health risks to vapers from up to two years of e-cigarette use. Like the first review in 2014, this update is guarded, but also gives an approving nod to 15 currently ongoing randomized controlled trials that are underway….

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