Wife Obtains 8 Figures for Community Property Interest in Husband’s International Corporation

Orange County Superior Court (Settlement following 2 Trials and Appeals)

Result:  Confidential 8 Figure Settlement (between $10,000,000 and $100,000,000)

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B&C represented the wife in a community property dispute involving a business worth $150,000,000 to $175,000,000.  Both spouses worked in the business since the 1970’s.  While the parties were reconciling during divorce proceedings (but still separated and proceedings pending) husband died, who also had an elaborate trust.  The international company made vitamin products and drinks and was husband’s business before marriage.  However, during marriage both husband and wife worked tirelessly to the grow the business over the decades.  This was a highly contentious case with five separate law firms covering estate and trust issues, tax issues, business and corporate issues, divorce law issues, community property v. separate property issues and many other issues. During the second trial, business and trial lawyer Gregory G. Brown presented extensive evidence of the husband’s work,

Board Certified Trial Specialist Gregory Brown

Board Certified Trial Specialist Gregory G. Brown

skills and effort put into the business during the marriage reflecting the community property interest wife acquired during marriage.  Mr. Brown argued the Pereira v. Pereira case applied to the community property analysis.  Counsel for husband, the trust and the corporation all argued that the Van Camp v. Van Camp case applied.  Ultimately, the Court applied the Pereira case so that a significant community property interest existed.  In addition to the percipient witnesses, there were many CPA and financial experts that addressed the many financial and valuation issues.  After two court trials, two published appellate decisions, and while the case was pending before the California Supreme Court, the parties settled the case over days of mediation.  The settlement was highly confidential, and the exact amount can never be revealed.

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