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What Irvine Civil Litigation Attorneys Want You to Know About Filing a Lawsuit

Irvine civil litigation attorneys at Brown & Charbonneau, LLP can provide comprehensive assistance if you file a civil lawsuit. We can provide advice in helping you to decide if suing is the best approach to resolving your dispute and can represent you throughout the litigation process. Whatever your dispute, you should reach out to our legal team to get the help you need to maximize the chances of a resolution in your company’s favor.  Irvine Civil Litigation Attorneys

While our experienced and knowledgeable Irvine civil litigation attorneys can help you to take the necessary steps to increase the chances you will prevail in litigation, it is important to realize that there are risks and downsides to filing a civil lawsuit. Before you decide that suing is the right course of action, you should get personalized advice from a member of our legal team. You can give us a call today. You can also read on to find out some key things attorneys want you to know before you decide to sue.

Most lawsuits settle outside of court

If you want to file a lawsuit but are afraid of the case ending up in court, you should be aware that the majority of lawsuits do end up settling. You can settle a case after filing suit, and at any time up to the point where the jury returns a verdict. If the opposing party will not work with you to come to a consensus on an agreement, filing a lawsuit could be a key step in the process of forcing them to the negotiating table to address your concerns and try to reach a negotiated settlement.

There are other remedies you can pursue besides seeking financial compensation

Most people and companies that file a lawsuit are primarily focused on obtaining financial compensation. For example, if a breach of contract occurred, you likely want to be compensated for the financial loss that the breach caused you to experience. However, there are other potential remedies you could obtain through the legal system. If a contract has been breached, you could sue and seek specific performance which would mean the opposing party has to follow through on the terms of the contract. If an employee is sharing trade secrets, you could ask the court for an injunction to stop the behavior instead of only seeking to obtain compensation for the losses caused by the secret being shared.

There are other approaches to resolving disagreements besides litigation

While there are many situations where it makes a lot of sense to file a civil lawsuit, suing is not the right course of action in every single situation. You may wish to resolve a disagreement through mediation if you are going to need to continue doing business with the person who you are having a dispute with. For example, if one of your most important distributors has breached a contract, you may not want to sue and become involved in an adversarial courtroom fight if you can resolve the conflict through mediation and preserve your relationship.  Arbitration is also another option that can keep your dispute more private and that would allow you to choose an arbitrator with industry-specific knowledge to decide your disagreement rather than having a jury without any knowledge of your industry make decisions. This can be especially beneficial if your dispute relates to highly technical issues.

Suing can sometimes be necessary to protect your interests

While there are definitely downsides to filing a lawsuit, there are times when your company needs to use the court to protect your interests. For example, if your intellectual property rights are being violated, you likely don’t want to just ignore the violation in most cases. An attorney can help you to decide if it is worth suing to resolve the problems your company is experiencing.

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