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U.S. Cancer Death Rates Decline 25%

U.S. Cancer Death Rates Decline 25%

Cancer Death Rates Down 25%

Cancer Death Rates Down by 25%

The American Cancer Society (LINK to) has published its “Cancer Statistics, 2017” where it reports that cancer deaths in the U.S. have declined 25 percent since 1991. The most common causes of cancer death among adults are lung, colorectal, prostate, and breast cancers. These four cancers account for about 46% of the total cancer deaths among men and women.

More than 1 out of every 4 cancer deaths is due to lung cancer. The rate of new lung cancer cases has continued to decline as fewer people smoke. Smoking rates began declining in the 1960s due to increased knowledge and awareness of the health hazards associated with it. Lung cancer incidence rates continue to decline about twice as fast in men as in women. The differences reflect historical patterns in tobacco use, where women began smoking in large numbers many years later than men, and were slower to quit.

The report concludes: “The continuous decline in cancer death rates over 2 decades has resulted in an overall drop of 25%, resulting in 2.1 million fewer cancer deaths during this time period.”

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