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Force Majeure and COVID-19

Force Majeure and COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic is bringing new relevance to an old contractual principal, “Force Majeure.” This clause discharges certain contractual obligations upon the occurrence of a force majeure event.  What obligations are discharged and under what circumstances depend on the language of the specific force majeure clause. These clauses are often included […]


Overview of Legal Claims Around Fraud, Misrepresentation, & Concealment

Founding Partner and Trial Specialist, Attorney Gregory Brown presents an overview of legal claims around fraud, misrepresentation, and concealment.   If you are involved in a contract dispute, it is smart to speak with a top-rated SoCal business attorney.  In many cases, these disputes can be settled harmoniously without litigation. If litigation is your only […]


What Are Fiduciary Duties?

We accept a wide range of different business law cases, and one area of specialization is the matter of fiduciary responsibility. To provide a general definition, a fiduciary duty is a responsibility to act in the best interests of another person or entity with regard to financial decision-making. A party that has a fiduciary duty […]


Choose a Trial Specialist That Delivers Results

Many attorneys do not particularly want to go to trial for one reason or another. If you have a business law case that may wind up in court, you should definitely work with an Orange County trial specialist, because the stakes are high. It takes experience, dedication, and resources to obtain a favorable outcome if […]


Business Law: Experience Counts

In the realm of business law, experience means everything, and the stakes are very high when you are involved in a case that could go to trial. The attorneys here at our firm that handle our business litigation cases have over 75 years of combined experience. As they say, we have seen it all, and […]


Partnership Disputes Can Be Complicated

One of our areas of specialization is the representation of clients that are involved in partnership disputes. This is a very broad category, because there are different types of business partnership relationships. When it comes to smaller, close-knit business partnerships, the people involved often have personal relationships with one another as well. This can create […]