Slip & Fall / Trip & Fall Incidents

Brown & Charbonneau’s personal injury attorneys handle slip and fall (premises liability) cases of severe injury and harm arising from the general negligence of a property owner. The attorneys at Brown & Charbonneau have experience in presenting and vigorously prosecuting claims on behalf of injured parties. Brown & Charbonneau’s successful handling of personal injuries cases, including slip and fall cases provides the attorneys at Brown & Charbonneau with a unique and useful wealth of experience and knowledge in handling your slip and fall injury and other personal injury claims.

At Brown & Charbonneau you will be represented by an experienced, compassionate lawyer who cares about you and your family, and will fight for you.


B&C successfully represented a 57 year old woman who slipped and fell in a restaurant on over waxed tile flooring. The women suffered a shoulder injury, requiring surgery. The attorneys at Brown & Charbonneau aggressively pursued the claim against the restaurant owner leading to a mid-six figure settlement.

Brown & Charbonneau also represented a client that slipped and fell in the common grass area outside an apartment building.   The sprinkler on the property was defective, causing it to remain elevated and was hidden by un-mowed grass along the pathway. The attorneys at Brown & Charbonneau were able to successfully negotiate a settlement of the claim pre-litigation.