Questions to Ask Attorneys That You Are Considering Hiring for a Personal Injury Case

Not all personal injury attorneys are the same. Finding the right one, however, can be simplified by asking the right questions and doing a bit of homework!

1. How many trials taken to verdict?

How many trials have they taken to verdict? if not experienced defense attorneys and insurance companies will assume you and your attorney will take less for your case. For example, are they a Certified Trial Specialist?

2. Are they experienced with medical experts?

How many medical experts have they worked with in trial and deposition? This is an incredibly complex area and your attorney needs significant experience or your case could be compromised.

3. Reputation in the community?

Are they well known and successful attorneys? Experience and reputation counts!

4. Does the firm/attorney have sufficient financial resources?

Do they have sufficient financial backing to fund and go the distance on your case? Some cases – – significant injury cases – – require extensive financial backing to pursue the case, hire expert witnesses, etc.

5. Are they too busy for you?

Is the firm a “mill” (too many cases to handle your case with attention)? If they have tons of cases – small & large, they may not be able to devote the proper experienced attorney resources to your case.

6. What is their track record?

Does their track record show they are ready, willing and able to take your case to trial if necessary? Many attorneys have little trial experience and will settle your case for less to avoid the “risks” to them of going to trial.

7. Do they sweat the small stuff?

Are they paying attention to the unique aspects of your case? Every case is unique and requires a unique approach – – all cases are not equal and shouldn’t be treated that way.

8. Will they invest the time and resources necessary?

Will they invest the time and resources necessary to get the best possible result? Many attorneys won’t invest the costs and time to get the best result so they can save money – – this may not be in your best interests.

9. Will the main attorney be involved?

Will the main attorney you are interviewing be heavily involved in the case or will a paralegal handle most of the case? [Do you want an attorney or a paralegal handling the day to day aspects of your case? I doubt it!]

10. Hire the attorney that best responds to all your questions!

Hire the attorney that best responds to all your questions!