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Partnership Disputes Can Be Complicated

partnership disputes One of our areas of specialization is the representation of clients that are involved in partnership disputes. This is a very broad category, because there are different types of business partnership relationships. When it comes to smaller, close-knit business partnerships, the people involved often have personal relationships with one another as well. This can create a very sensitive, complicated dynamic.

In some ways, it is similar to a divorce proceeding. You are emotionally invested when you have a business partner that you have always considered to be a friend. If things go awry, it can be very difficult to communicate in a constructive manner.

Under these circumstances, you should definitely engage the appropriate legal representation to advocate your interests. Our firm has a great deal of experience with these types of partnership disputes, and we can sit down with you to gain an understanding of the circumstances. If you have a case, we can recommend the appropriate steps going forward.

Sometimes small business partnership disputes can be resolved out of court. In other instances, this is simply not possible, and we are certainly more than willing to present a case in court. We work hard for our clients on every level, and we have a thorough understanding of the relevant laws. You can rest assured that we will go the extra mile to obtain a favorable outcome if you engage us to represent you in a partnership dispute.

In addition to disputes that involve limited numbers of partners in small businesses, we also handle partnership disputes for larger companies. It can be a matter of a violation of the terms of the partnership agreement that is not necessarily maliciously intended. On the other side of the spectrum, we represent clients have been victims of fraud, embezzlement, and other transgressions.

Another scenario that we see quite often is the improper use of intellectual property that is jointly owned by members of the partnership. The violation of a non-compete agreement is an additional circumstance could lead to a partnership dispute that must be litigated, and this is an area of expertise for our attorneys.

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One of our detailed, well researched articles focuses on partnership law. You should certainly digest this information if you are involved in a business partnership. It would also be of value if you are considering the possibility of joining or establishing a partnership. You can click the following link to access the article: Partnership Law: a General Overview for Professionals.

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