Molestation, Sexual Abuse & Other Wrongful Conduct

Female DVMolestation and Sexual Abuse Sexual abuse and molestation can take on many faces. It can affect the very young as well as the very old, the wealthy and famous and the everyday person. A victim of sexual abuse often feels embarrassed and keeps the abuse a secret, sometimes for decades! Sexual abuse can range from non-physical abuse (sexual harassment) to actual intercourse. In any scenario, the victim may be left dealing with extreme emotional and psychological trauma and sometimes physical trauma. The molestation and sexual abuse lawyers of Irvine, CA Brown & Charbonneau, LLP can help.

Brown & Charbonneau, LLP attorneys have successfully handled numerous cases of sexual assault and molestation, including cases involving church pastors, school music directors and, more recently, sexual assault claims against Massage Envy Therapy & Massage Facilities.

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This wrongful conduct can occur in many areas:

Wrongful touching of a minor (molestation)
Sexual assault and rape
Clergy sexual abuse
• Foster care abuse
• School abuse
• Sexual harassment
Workplace sexual harassment
• Elder abuse
• Cyber stalking, bullying
• Child pornography
• Statutory rape

A young child or vulnerable adult can be victimized by predators who wear many different faces — a family member or family friend, a coach, an employer or fellow worker, a teacher, a clergy member or other church affiliated worker, or even a doctor or dentist. When a predator is protected by an employer, the employer may also become a defendant in the case. Regardless of who the perpetrator is, a victim of sexual abuse must realize that the abuse is not their fault and know that they have a team of highly qualified attorneys at Brown & Charbonneau ready to assist and represent them against the predator.

Sexual abuse is not limited to in-person sexual contact. It can include internet and social media harassment, cyberbullying and internet child pornography. Irrespective of the type of sexual abuse a victim suffers, sexual abuse survivors will often suffer life lasting emotional damages that can impact their future relationships, education and productivity. At Brown & Charbonneau our attorneys are qualified and experienced attorneys who stand ready to obtain justice for you or your loved one who has been victimized by a sexual predator. We have represented victims who were sexually abused by clergy, church workers, employers, massage therapists, and others. Confidential settlements for our clients in these cases range from six to seven figures.

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