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If you are a motorcycle driver who has been injured in a motorcycle Motorcycle Accidentsaccident you can hold the driver of the vehicle responsible for your injuries for negligent driving. Also, if a driver’s negligence caused an accident that results in death, the family of the victim may hold the driver of the vehicle liable for the death of their loved one by filing a wrongful death claim. If this happens, your life may never be the same. There is nothing to undo physical or mental pain that an injury or death causes.

However, the law does protect you from financial harm if someone else is responsible for your injuries.  You must take legal action to obtain compensation for an injury or for the wrongful death of a loved one. Monetary damages can be obtained through a negotiated settlement or if you prove your claim in court.

Top 10 Personal Injury Attorneys

Top 10 Personal Injury Attorneys

Brown & Charbonneau, LLP can help. We are award winning, highly rated, certified trial specialists and tough negotiators, with more than 75 years of combined experience on your side. Let our Irvine personal injury lawyers put our legal knowledge to work on your case.

Did you know that California law does not allow or prohibit motorcycles from passing other vehicles proceeding in the same direction within the same lane, a practice often called “lane splitting,” “lane sharing” or “filtering”?

According to the California Motorcycle Safety Program, a program of the California Highway Patrol, it is the responsibility of all drivers on the highways and roads to share the highway, regardless of whether you are driving a motorcycle or a car. The CHP reminds all drivers that “[C]reating a safer highway environment is the shared responsibility of drivers and motorcyclists alike. This is achieved by staying alert and using common sense and courtesy while on the road.”

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