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Indiana E Cig and E Liquid Legal Update

On July 12, 2016, the Indiana  Alcohol and Tobacco Control published a new FAQ section on its website.  It states that due to inconsistent information it provided, the Indiana State Excise Police (ISEP) will extend a period of “educational enforcement” for 60 days beginning June 30, 2016.  During that time retailers and manufacturers will be allowed to sell or remove from shelves non-compliant product that was manufactured after July 1, 2015 and before June 30, 2016.  After September 1, 2016, when the period of “educational enforcement” ends, the ISEP will begin enforcement on non-compliant product consistent with the ATC’s interpretation of the law.  (
Only 7 e-liquid companies were approved for permits before the June 30, 2016 deadline – 6 out of Indiana, all using Mulhept’s for the security firm and 1 in Corona, California – Cali Co-Packing – which filed an application with a second security firm, Lock-Up Inc., in California.
Indiana lawmakers are speaking out about the need to change the law given the perceived monopoly, so amendments may be on the horizon.  (
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