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What if I Don’t Want to Go to Court for an Injury Case?

go to court for an injury caseIn California, an injured victim is entitled to compensation for harm caused by a breach of legal duty. Essentially, this means if someone has been careless, the victim harmed by the negligence can pursue a claim for damages. Victims may sue companies for defective products; home and business owners for unsafe property conditions; or drivers for dangerous choices behind the wheel. The key is for victims to prove that the defendant did something that resulted in injury.

Many people want to recover compensation after they have been harmed but are worried they will have to go to court for an injury case. The reality, however, is that the vast majority of claims settle without the need to ever set foot in a courtroom. Furthermore, you are never going to be required to go to court. If your case does not settle for some reason, you could potentially drop the claim at any time and thus avoid being forced into litigation.

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You Do Not Have to Go To Court for an Injury Case

When you are injured, often there is an insurance company involved that is responsible for representing the person or entity that harmed you. Drivers have car insurance; homeowners and renters have insurance on their premises, and companies typically have comprehensive liability insurance policies.

Insurance companies rarely want to pay legal defense fees and take the risk that a sympathetic jury will award a large amount of compensation to an injured victim. As a result, the insurer is just as likely as you are to want to negotiate a settlement and avoid the need to go to court for an injury case. Big companies, hospitals and other legal entities may also want to avoid the bad publicity a legal case can bring, and will also be willing to deal with you on resolving your claim.

The insurer may make an offer to you to accept a set amount of money in exchange for waiving liability and giving up the right to sue. You can also send a demand letter to the insurer to get negotiations started. Indicate the extent of your injuries to the insurer, and detail how much compensation is appropriate to cover your losses. An Irvine injury attorney at Brown & Charbonneau, LLP can help you to draft a demand letter and make a claim with an insurer responsible for compensating you.

Once a settlement offer has been made, you do not have to accept. You can present strong evidence as to the extent of your losses and try to negotiate the best possible deal with the most compensation. If you are committed to avoiding litigation, you can ultimately accept a settlement offer that you think is fair in light of the fact that you do not want to go to court for an injury claim.

Brown & Charbonneau, LLP can assist with the process of negotiating a settlement and advise you on whether a suggested amount of monetary payment is appropriate under the circumstances. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how our Irvine injury lawyers can help you.