Irvine Dog Bite Attorneys

Dog BitesA man’s best friend can sometimes not be so friendly. Dogs can be a source of harm and injury when not properly controlled or monitored. Dog bites can result in serious injuries such as puncture wounds, broken bones and even nerve injuries. Dog attacks can cause permanent scarring and disfigurement that can potentially lead to emotional and psychological issues. Many victims require surgery to treat the injury inflicted by the animal, in which a pet owner or a person in control of an animal may be liable for personal injury or property damage caused by the animal.

California law provides that the owner of a dog is liable for damages suffered by anyone who is bitten while in a public or private places including the dog owner’s property. In most cases homeowners’ insurance policies cover dog attacks by providing liability coverage. Pursuant to California Civil Code §3342, the owner of a dog is “strictly liable” for all dog bite related injuries and harm. The statute can impute “strict liability” on the owner of vicious animals for dog bites and attacks, which means that a person is liable for damages even if the he or she used reasonable care in keeping the animal in control. This standard of care is to help protect victims of dog bites or attacks.

Under California law, a “vicious” dog is:

  • Any dog used and seized as a “fighting animal” under Penal Code 599a;
  • Any dog, which unprovoked and in an aggressive manner, causes severe injury or death to a human being.
  • Any dog previously determined to be a potentially dangerous dog that continues to act as a potentially dangerous dog. If certain restrictions were previously placed on a potentially dangerous dog and those restrictions are violated by the owner, then the dog can be determined to be a dangerous and vicious dog.

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