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Choose a Trial Specialist That Delivers Results

trial specialistMany attorneys do not particularly want to go to trial for one reason or another. If you have a business law case that may wind up in court, you should definitely work with an Orange County trial specialist, because the stakes are high. It takes experience, dedication, and resources to obtain a favorable outcome if you are up against a large company as an individual or a smaller business.

On the other end of the equation, if you are a decision-maker for a corporation, and you are facing legal actions, a trial specialist is a must to protect the interests of your shareholders.

We have a strong background handling cases from both sides, and we have wide ranging expertise with many different types of business law cases. When you choose our firm, you can rest assured that we have seen cases like yours in the past.

It is important to understand the laws and the requirements of the local courts here in Orange County and other parts of California. All of these components should be factored in when you are preparing to engage a trial specialist.

We check off all the boxes when it comes to knowledge, resources, and experience. To top it off, we have a proven history of success over an extended period of time, and this speaks volumes about the efficacy of our representation.

Our trial specialists are highly accomplished litigators that have a great deal of passion for the work that they do. When you work with our firm, you will receive an uncommon level of attention every step of the way. We go the extra mile to exceed the expectations of our clients, and they are consistently impressed by the personalized attention and responsiveness that we provide.

When it comes to credentials, we have litigators that are Board Certified Trial Specialists, and some are members of the American Board of Trial Advocates. Plus, one of our partners holds some extraordinary distinctions that are hard to find.

Gregory G. Brown has been a trial specialist for more than 20 years, and over that time, he has spent hundreds of hours as lead counsel in jury trials all around the state of California. There are only about 150 attorneys in the Golden State that have earned the Certified Specialist in Civil Trial Advocacy honor, and Gregory is one of them.

Martindale-Hubbell issues their coveted AV rating to attorneys that demonstrate the highest level of legal acumen and adherence to ethical standards. This is another distinction that has been bestowed upon Gregory Brown, and there are many others.

When we represent a client in a business dispute, we first determine the rules of law that are applicable, and we gain an understanding of the specifics of the case. Witnesses are identified, and we obtain depositions from them. It is frequently necessary to find expert witnesses to help make a case, and we have the right people in our network to address virtually any situation.

As we touched upon previously, we have a thorough understanding of the court system, so we identify the court with the appropriate jurisdiction. We develop a pre-trial strategy, and at the end of the process, we are thoroughly prepared when we present your case in court.

Getting back to the matter of results, we have obtained favorable outcomes for clients that involve hundreds of millions of dollars in total, so no case is too large or complicated for our firm.

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As you can see when you digest this information, you can go forward with total confidence when you engage Brown & Charbonneau for any type of business law matter that is potentially going to trial. If you would like to discuss your case with an Orange County trial specialist, we would be more than glad to help. You can send us a message to request a consultation appointment, and we can be reached by phone at 714-406-4397.