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Benefits of Mediation

Orange County Mediators at OC Dispute Resolution Services, LLP help you to make fully informed choices about the best way to resolve your disputes. There are many different things to consider when you decide whether you should litigate a dispute or explore alternative dispute resolution options, and you should get the right legal advice to decide which course of action is best for your particular situation. One of the most common types of alternative dispute resolution that you should consider is mediation, and mediation has many benefits although it is not appropriate in all circumstances.

OC Dispute, LLP can help you to decide if mediation is the right approach for you and can work closely with you to maximize the chances that mediation will be a success if you select this method to resolve a business dispute. You should give us a call today to find out more about the help that we can provide.

Benefits of Mediation

Some of the many benefits of mediation include the following:

  • Preserving relationships: Mediation is a cooperative method of resolving disputes. Both litigation and arbitration can be adversarial methods of resolving conflicts. When you mediate a dispute, you work together with those who you are involved in a conflict with. The mediator helps you to come to a compromise that is agreeable to all parties. There are no winners and losers, unlike with arbitration or litigation. If you are involved in a conflict with someone who you need to work with again, such as a business partner, then you will want to consider mediation as a means of preserving and protecting your relationship.

  • Better outcomes: Because mediation is a voluntary procedure you can walk away from at any time, mediation will only work if all parties are actually willing to come to a compromise. You and the others who you are involved in a dispute with know what your preferred outcomes are and you’re better able to craft a resolution that will make everyone happy. The mediator will help you to communicate in an effective way so you can find areas of consensus and craft a resolution to your conflict that everyone view’s positively. This can be a much better outcome than when the judge simply decides a case for you and you and the opposing party have to live with this decision even if no one is really happy with it.

  • Lower costs: When you mediate instead of litigate, the costs can often be much lower. This is especially true if all of the parties to the conflict go into it with the intention to compromise and find a solution.

These are just a few of the many key benefits associated with mediation as a method of dispute resolution. However, mediators do not make a decision for you or impose their will upon you, so if you are not able to come to a compromise and find a solution, you will just end up wasting your time with the mediation process. Mediators also don’t have the same power to subpoena information as judges, so if the opposing party is unwilling to be forthcoming, mediation may not be the right approach to take.

Getting Help

Orange County Mediators at OC Dispute Resolution Services, LLP will work with you to evaluate the different ways of resolving your dispute when a conflict arises. We can help you to determine if mediation is a viable course of action and is advisable. If you decide you want to take advantage of the benefits that mediation provides to you, our experienced negotiators will work closely with you to maximize the chances that mediation will provide a successful outcome.

To find out more about how our firm can help you with legal issues related to mediation, give us a call at (714) 505- 5655 or contact us online today.